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CCTV Camera


  • Pipe Inspections
  • Find and Locate Damaged Pipes
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections to Sewer and Storm Water Drainage
  • Locate Blockages

     The CCTV drain camera is a brilliant tool which provides an in-depth look at the interior of any pipe enabling a specially trained plumber to quickly determine the location and source of the problem.

Aluka Plumbing offers our clients high resolution video camera inspection that can travel hundreds of meters through sewer lines to provide detailed imagery including blockages, root intrusions, improperly fitted pipe work or collapses.


     More often than not, when blockages occur and you do not have access to a CCTV drain camera, it can take hours to simply locate the site of the problem, let alone find the cause. This could cost you, the customer, hundreds of dollars.  Alternatively, the CCTV drain camera used by Aluka Plumbing will save you time and money. Images of the pipes are displayed on the LCD screen monitor who makes it easy for Aluka Plumbing to determine and fix the problem. This highly efficient diagnostic tool eliminates the guesswork and reduces repair time. There are many reasons why a CCTV camera is so effective however essentially instead of ‘just fixing the problem’ with the CCTV drain camera Aluka Plumbing will be able to prevent the problem from re-occurring by fixing it properly the first time.


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