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  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Sewer Drainage
  • PVC Down Pipes

     Is water pooling in your backyard due to the excessive rainfall? Aluka Plumbing are specialists in this area and can lay pipes in the ground that will effectively drain the water from any affected areas allowing you to utilise your backyard again. Often backyards are abandoned and forgotten about if they are too damp to enjoy, why not fix the problem!


     Do your gutters overflow when it rains heavily? Aluka Plumbing will carefully inspect your home and install down pipes to relive the pressure of the excess water therefore preventing any potential flooding in and around your home.


     It can be frustrating with sewer and drainage problems because they can occur for a number of reasons. It is not unusual for sewage waste to easily build up, causing congestion and/or obstruction in the pipes that requires immediate clearing. Aluka Plumbing will install, maintain and repair pipes and sewer systems as they can often break down, require repair, or need replacement. Aluka Plumbing will organise and fit new components, fix old fittings, provide emergency services, and perform precision inspections.


     Aluka Plumbing specialises in all aspects of drainage whether it is installing storm water pipes or sewer drainage.  Aluka Plumbing takes pride in using top quality products and will guarantee PVC pipes and workmanship. 

































Aluka Plumbing is located in the Currumbin/ Elanora area but happily servicing the whole of the

Gold Coast!


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