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Hot Water


  • Hot Water System Replacements
  • Hot Water Upgrades to Energy Efficient Ratings
  • Solar Hot Water System Installations
  • Heat Pump Installations
  • Temperature Regulation Devices

     There is nothing worse than finishing a hard day’s work and you jump into the shower and to your surprise there is no hot water.  We have become accustomed to the luxury of hot showers and losing hot water for even just one day can be quite an inconvenience which is why Aluka Plumbing is here to promptly assist you with any problems you may have surrounding your hot water system.  This may include repairing the hot water system you own or replacing your old hot water system and installing a new one. 

      At the time of replacing your hot water system there are several hot water upgrades available now that you may wish to consider in order to improve your energy efficient ratings which consequently will help to improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


     Additionally, very important to note, future regulations by local and federal governments will be enforcing the elimination of electric storage heaters therefore requiring your existing storage system to be replaced with either a solar hot water system, storage heat pump system or a gas installation by 2012.  Aluka Plumbing will happily install both solar hot water systems and heat pumps which again will enable you to help look after the environment as well as reduce the cost of your electrical bills. 

      Another problem that arises often, especially with young families, is the hot water may be too hot, Aluka Plumbing can install a temperature regulation device to ensure your family is safe from boiling hot water. It is an easy fix that will protect the whole family.
















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