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  • Granny Flat Extensions

     Planning any renovation can often present unique and difficult challenges. Aluka Plumbing will assist you with your home renovation by providing you with professional advice that will enable you to keep costs low as well as frustration levels kept to a minimum. When you're renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you want to be sure that you'll have water when you need it, where you need it, and with a minimum of disruptions. Aluka Plumbing will always provide you with reliable services that you can count on! Renovations can be a grueling task but when you are working with Aluka Plumbing you will always receive prompt, efficient, friendly service that is always guaranteed so you will have no worries.


     Whilst planning your renovation it would be an opportune time to think about creating a more eco-friendly home. Aluka Plumbing can assist you with several eco-friendly options which may be as simple as replacing your old shower head with a water-saving shower head or as intricate as installing a grey-water recycling system or an energy saving heat pump hot water system. 


Bathroom Renovations

      Aluka Plumbing specializes in renovations and will be able to guide you in the planning and design of your personal bathroom transformation.  Bathroom renovations may be as simple as replacing a toilet or shower or can be as complex as creating a whole new bathroom. Aluka Plumbing will discuss all of the possibilities that will provide you with a bathroom renovation that is perfect for you and that will accommodate your budget.

      Aluka Plumbing will install new toilets, sinks & basins, showers, baths, and spas along with all of the fitting and fixtures to ensure your new bathroom renovation works flawlessly.  You can take comfort that all workmanship completed by Aluka Plumbing is guaranteed.

Kitchen Renovations



     Often the kitchen is the focal point of the entire home; the meeting place for friends and family.  Renovating your kitchen can enrich the atmosphere of your home and draw the whole house together. Aluka Plumbing can assist you in the planning and completion of your kitchen renovation.
Aluka Plumbing can install new sinks, basins, tapware, mixers, dishwashers and water purifiers using all of the correct fitting and fixtures to perfect your kitchen renovation.






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